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Guide to Navigating DevSecOps eBook

How to Shift Your Agency from DevOps to DevSecOps

Learn the essential steps needed to implement security decisions and actions at the same scale and speed as development and operations by ensuring security is present at every stage of the software delivery lifecycle. 

Here’s the scenario: Your agency desperately needs to update its software systems. Your legacy applications, housed in physical data centers, are so far behind the curve, especially in our current climate. You’ve heard about DevSecOps and maybe even read a little bit about it, but it sounds too wholesale of a change for your agency to pull off.

The truth? It’s not as intimidating as you think. We even made a handy guide to help you navigate the transition.

Read this eBook to learn the essential steps needed to ensure security is present during every stage of the software development lifecycle. 

  • The foundations of DevSecOps in the federal space
  • How DevSecOps differs from DevOps
  • What types of people will give you the most pushback
  • Real-world examples of how agencies are adopting DevSecOps to develop and deliver software

Don't let stale methodologies hold you back from achieving your mission goals. Make applying DevSecOps your competitive advantage and approach software development with less friction, better security, and faster deployment.